Stunning Green Living Walls

Artificial living walls are a great way to add vibrancy and colour to any space, the visual effect can be stunning.

As well as our popular stock Green Wall panels we offer fully bespoke, made to order panels. We can use products from our extensive range of flowers, plants, foliage or even moss to produce a unique wall arrangement.

Looks as good as the real thing

Our stemmed flowers collection draws upon a regularly changing list of alpine, equatorial, temperate and tropical species that provide for the seasonal refreshing of indoor and outdoor floral displays and landscaping. All the flowers in this collection are botanically accurate and incredibly detailed - at arm’s length, it is often impossible to decide which are living flowers and which are our artificial.

Safety with Flame Retardant Foliage

With an incredibly realistic appearance, high quality materials and inherently fire retardant properties guaranteed for life, FireSilx trees, plants and foliage are the number one choice for our clients.

FireSilx products are manufactured with fire-resistant materials and chemicals making them 100% fire retardant right down to the core.

FireSilx foliage has been rigorously tested to ensure they meet different fire-safety standards around the world.

No colour loss with Colourfast foliage

Constant prolonged exposure to bright sunlight can cause irreparable damage and colour loss to some artificial plants and foliage. UVSilx artificial foliage address this issue by offering ultraviolet protection and resistance to the colour damaging effect of extreme heat and direct sunlight.

UVSilx products are manufactured with premium quality UV resistant materials. The products are tough, fade resistant and capable of withstanding large variations in temperature whilst remaining incredibly realistic. You’ll find UVSilx products outside proving the test of time all around the world.

Bespoke Trees

Arboretum is our range of fully bespoke, museum-grade artificial trees. We can manufacture Arboretum trees of any species to any size, using natural preserved trunks or fully fabricated trunks with a steel core.  Preserved trunks provide a natural look with all the features and knotting you would expect. The natural wood is kiln-dried to ensure a long life, without any splitting or warping of the wood.

Fabricated trunks use a steel core, covered in a lifelike artificial bark and allow for a much larger tree with a greater canopy width and can be shaped to any specification.  We also have a variety of smaller 'made to order' trees using natural sustainably sourced coffee wood stems. The canopy is foliated with the same premium foliage used in our Arboretum range.

All bespoke trees can be finished with FireSilx and UVSilx foliage if required.

Bespoke Tree 5
Bespoke Tree 4